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Car Sharing Continues to Spread

June 26, 2008

As you may already know, I-GO is partners with many of the independent car sharing organizations in the United States and Canada. This means that, as an I-GO member, you can sign up for a complimentary membership with any of our partnering organizations and share their cars while you’re there. Click here to see the full list of I-GO’s car sharing partners.

Just this week, a new car sharing organization was launched in Ithaca, New York. Click here to read more about Ithaca Carshare.

If you have taken advantage of our complimentary memberships with other car sharing organizations- or plan to- please post your experiences below.

Wine, Cheese & I-GO Memberships- Oh My!

June 24, 2008

I-GO is hosting a member drive tonight at 2800 N Lake Shore Dr. from 5-7:30 p.m. There will be wine and cheese provided. And remember, as a member, you will receive $20 in driving credits if you refer a friend and they join I-GO Car Sharing. Hope to see some of you tonight!

As Gas Prices Grow, So Does I-GO

June 23, 2008

As an I-GO Car Sharing member, you probably aren’t too worried about how the rising gas costs will alter your budget. However, these rising prices do have many Americans worried. Check out this recent Chicagoist article on how the rising cost of fuel is fueling the growth of car sharing in Chicago.

NBC Channel 5’s Ginger Zee Joins I-GO Car Sharing!

June 9, 2008

Don’t worry if you missed Ginger’s report “Going Green” on May 29th about I-GO Car Sharing, we’ve got the video that shows how this busy reporter survived giving up her car for one week. Click here to watch Ginger Zee’s report.

I-GO Car Sharing is Growing

June 3, 2008

I-GO Car Sharing has 6 new cars rolling your way this weekend! All of the new cars are brand spankin’ new Priuses and will be in service by this weekend.

Edgewater: 6214 N Winthrop (3rd car at this location)
5555 N Sheridan (1st car)

Rogers Park: 1624 W Morse (3rd car)

Lincoln Square: 4877 N Lincoln (2nd car)

Lakeview: 2800 N Lake Shore Dr (1st of 2 cars)

Uptown: 4753 N Broadway (3rd car)

Are these new locations good for you? Let us know where you need more cars!