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More New Cars!

March 19, 2008

I’ve got good news for all of you today! Not only is today officially the last day of winter, but we’re also adding 6 new cars by April 1st! We’re adding a 2nd car at 800 S. Clark and another 2nd car at 5020 S. Lake Shore Dr. We’re also adding two new spaces at 2350 N. Racine- right in the heart of De Paul University’s Lincoln Park campus. Additionally, we are adding two new cars at Ashland and Foster, in the Trumbull Elementary parking lot. Are these convenient spaces for you to use? Do you have suggestions for other locations? Let us know!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

March 14, 2008

It’s that time of year again! You know what I’m talking about- the Chicago River runs green, the beer flows freely and everyone seems to be wearing something green- it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! To celebrate the day, I-GO is offering a $40 discount on I-GO memberships. Sign up for I-GO before March 25th and it costs only $35 to join! The promo code for this special is: D35IRISH. If you are already a member, refer a friend and receive $20 in driving credits for your referral.

And if you’re in the mood to celebrate, head to Mrs. Murphy & Son’s Irish Bistro (3905 N. Lincoln Ave), not only do they offer contemporary Irish cuisine in a traditional setting but they are also an I-GO Chi Town Rewards business. That means that all I-GO members will receive a 10% discount off their bill when they show their I-GO Smartcard. So dig in, put on your best green gear and enjoy the weekend!

How to Live Well Without Owning a Car

March 6, 2008

Check out the video below – a news report with Chris Balish, a network TV news reporter and author of the book How to Live Well Without Owning a Car.

Ten Speed Press describes the books as:

“The first practical, accessible, and sensible guide to living in North America without owning a car. • Exposes the true costs of car ownership and shows how getting rid of your car can simplify your life and put you on the road to financial freedom. • Packed with realistic, economical alternatives to owning a car, including chapters on carsharing, carpooling, and even car-free dating. • Includes more than 100 real-world tips, strategies, and success stories from people who are happily car-free or “car-lite,” from cities to suburbs. • According to a 2004 American Automobile Association study, the average American spends $8,410 per year (roughly $700 per month) to own a vehicle.”

Walk Score

March 4, 2008

Ever wonder just how easy it would be to go car free in your neighborhood? Or simply been curious to find out just how walkable your area is? Check out the handy Walk Score widget on the right side of the screen. You simply type in your home address and it tells you just how walk-friendly your neighborhood is. It only takes a minute and it’s quite interesting to see the results!