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Find the cheapest gas in Chicago

August 24, 2009

If you have a minute to spare after booking your I-GO reservation, you should check out this great website, Chicago Gas Prices. Not only can you find the cheapest spots to refuel around the city, but you also have the chance to win prizes (like $250 in prepaid gas!) if you join in the effort by reporting fuel prices you see while out and about in your I-GO vehicle.

The website also provides other handy tools such as: fuel price maps (both local and national), fuel logbooks, fuel tax info, mobile widgets and more.

Who’s got the cheapest gas in the Chicagoland area today? As of this blog post, that honor belongs to the Sam’s Club in Northlake on 141 W. North Ave & Railroad Ave., offering $2.61 per gallon. As you can see in the local price snapshot below, gas was much more expensive this time last year.

I-GO nominated in Chicago Innovation Awards

August 20, 2009

I-GO Car Sharing, for the second consecutive year, has been nominated in the annual Chicago Innovation Awards.

Want the lowdown on the accolade? From their site:

Established in 2002, the Chicago Innovation Awards shine a bright light on the creative spirit of Chicago by focusing attention on the most significant new products and services introduced in the region. The ten winners each year are innovations that uniquely fill unmet needs, spark a competitive response in the marketplace, exceed market expectations, achieve financial success, and improve people’s lives. They emerge from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Most importantly, the Chicago Innovation Awards remind is that innovation is thriving in America’s heartland.

There are 75 nominees covering a wide array of innovators—big and small, public and private. Sifting through the list is an eye-opener: It’s encouraging to see how many enterprising innovators are on the cusp of great ideas in Chicago. Eat your tech-nerd heart out, Silicon Valley.

Best of all: You can vote for I-GO to win! Not that we’d twist your arm on the way to the virtual ballot box. But, c’mon, our particular take on car sharing—partnering with mass transit; extending alternative, sustainable transportation to ALL neighborhoods; only using low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicles (including dozens of hybrids and two bona fide plug-ins)—is worth a spot atop the podium, eh?

Reserve an I-GO car, win Million Dollar Quartet tickets!

August 18, 2009

Reserve an I-GO Prius in the last two weeks of August and you could find a pair of free tickets to Chicago’s hit rock ‘n’ roll musical, Million Dollar Quartet, in the glovebox! Or you may discover free cast-recording CDs and other prizes stashed in the dash!

Click here for for details!

Paris says "Oui" to car sharing

August 14, 2009

Paris’ mayor just announced the city wants to adopt car sharing in the wake of its successful bike sharing program.

Not only that: They want to start off with thousands of electric cars and a network of charging stations.

Isn’t the sort of bold strategy Chicago ought to be implementing if it wants to demonstrate how green it is to the international Olympic committee? Especially since the city is banking on its environmental initiatives to win the 2016 Summer Games.

That said, the Chicago 2016 committee’s “Blue-Green Games” agenda is still quite laudable—if they can pull it off.

Not taking sides on that bid—there are pros and cons to it in so many ways. Just noting that Paris seems more progressive in this regard at the moment.

Fuel efficiency anemic since Model T

August 7, 2009

According to a new study by researchers at the University of Michigan: “The average fuel efficiency of the US vehicle fleet has risen by just 3 miles per gallon since the days of the Ford Model T, and has barely shifted at all since 1991.”

At least we stopped wearing bowler hats and bustles, though.

I-GO in the blogosphere

August 6, 2009

I-GO Car Sharing recently got two nice shoutouts on blogs. Here’s one from a member who’s intent on living a car-free life (with us as the exception). And we’re also mentioned in a post on car sharing on Allstate Insurance’s blog Vehicle Vibes.

Thanks, folks!

I-GO adds Honda Insights to fleet

August 6, 2009

I-GO just added four brand-new Honda Insights to the fleet. Pictured here: the Insight at 2350 N. Racine (at Fullerton). Took it out for a bit today. Really nice ride. Sooo clean. (Let’s keep it that way!) Liked the “Eco Assist” button function, which lets you tweak the electric-to-gas ratio even more. This car sits next to a Prius and guess what? I couldn’t tell the diff until I got within five feet.

How about "Cash for Car Sharing"?

August 4, 2009

Cash for Clunkers addendum: the Dept of Transportation estimates an average increased fuel efficiency of 15.8mpg to 25.4mpg so far. See sidebar figures in today’s NY Times coverage. Forget about the funding debate for a sec. How about “cash for car sharing”?

Or really push the envelope and require folks to buy plug-ins, hybrids and, when feasible, EVs like the Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt. 25mpg? Meh. It’s anemic compared to the new Prius and InSight, excellent vehicles that double that figure and are already mass produced.

Shop and Save in Chicago!

August 4, 2009

Good news for I-GO members– five new local businesses have joined our Chi-Town Rewards Program! You can now save some dough simply by flashing your I-GO Smartcard at the following businesses:

Green Home Experts
OFFER: 10% off all in-stock items up to $100

Rent Smart Chicago
OFFER: $100 off first months rent

ENRG Fitness Chicago
847.767.9567 OFFER: 10% off first month

Ridge Art
OFFER: 20% off

Chicago Energy Consultants
OFFER: 10% off Home Energy Audit

Nissan turns over a new Leaf

August 4, 2009

To follow up on our previous post: Here’s the skinny on Nissan’s new EV, a four-door hatchback called the Leaf that boasts a 100-mile range on a full charge, charges to 80% in 30 minutes, and exceeds 90mph.

Nissan’s biz model is a smart ecosystem approach: partnering with battery-charging network entrepreneurs (Better Place) and green government initiatives.