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Sneak preview of Chevy Volt battery technology

June 23, 2009

Curious about the Chevy Volt’s prospects? Check out this YouTube vid posted by a tech fan. GM’s battery lab manager gives a demo of the latest battery pack they’ve designed. Toyota and Honda are still the hares to GM’s tortoise, but this battery – custom-designed and to be built in Michigan at a new GM lab – is impressive. Not to mention HUGE.

Question is: How much will the Volt cost? The guy who shot that vid thinks it’s possible that, with gov’t incentives, the Volt could compete with a fully loaded 2010 Prius. If that were the case, would more of us be inclined to buy an American electric car to help support our ailing domestic industry?

I-GO has been looking at vehicles like the Ford Fusion hybrid, a mid-size sedan, and if the Volt were cost-efficient enough for our membership organization, we’d consider that one, too, and be able to help on two fronts: advocating for clean cars and American automakers.

Any second opinions on that notion?

GM: Going…going…green?

June 2, 2009

Interesting new website from GM in the wake of its ignominious Chapter 11 1,000 car pileup. We’re crossing our fingers for the Chevy Volt—and all those laid-off workers who hopefully get retrained in the “leaner, greener, faster, smarter” GM promised in the slick vid posted on the site.

RIP, Hummer? Not so fast. Looks like the Schwartzenegger of U.S. automobiles will be pumping iron in China instead. But will future Hummer models get the green light? That’s the electrifying question. There’s an ironic metaphor somewhere in all this, but it eludes me at the moment.