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Climate Cycle: A fundraising ride to install solar panels on Chicago area schools

April 26, 2009

Own a bike and free on Saturday, May 9th? If so, you should join us for a bike ride along the lake! Climate Cylce, a non-profit working to reduce global warming, is kicking off its inaugural bike-a-thon along Chicago’s southern lakefront. The event will raise money to install solar panels on local public schools. Solar energy will help save both schools’ and taxpayers’ money by reducing schools’ energy costs and also reduing their greenhouse gas emissions, the primary cause of global warming.

The event will feature two courses (a 12 mile and a 22 mile course) to choose from, both routes hug the lakefront and will be closed to vehicle traffic- not a bad way to spend a Saturday, huh? On top of the beautiful ride, there are some awesome prizes up for grabs- including free burritos for year from Chipotle!

According to Cimate Cycle, most schools spend more money on energy costs than computers and textbooks combined! Installing solar panels on local schools will save money, reuduce emissions and introduce a new generation to alternative energy and the importance of sustainability.

Click here to register today! All participants will recieve lunch, a t-shirt, goody bag and snacks. Hope we see you there!

Forget your Hummer – I need the Aeolus Airship

January 16, 2009

Oh man. Want.

Some images like this leaked of the Aeolus Airship – a sleek, people-powered blimp that can fly up to two weeks. It was designed by someone named Christopher Ottersbach. I can’t find much of anything about him or where to find out more about this vehicle, so it might be some hoaxy thing or a movie promo. I don’t care if it is imaginary – I want to pedal through the sky:

So when is Chicago finally gonna get a blimp-sharing service?

(via Treehugger)