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Sneak preview of Chevy Volt battery technology

June 23, 2009

Curious about the Chevy Volt’s prospects? Check out this YouTube vid posted by a tech fan. GM’s battery lab manager gives a demo of the latest battery pack they’ve designed. Toyota and Honda are still the hares to GM’s tortoise, but this battery – custom-designed and to be built in Michigan at a new GM lab – is impressive. Not to mention HUGE.

Question is: How much will the Volt cost? The guy who shot that vid thinks it’s possible that, with gov’t incentives, the Volt could compete with a fully loaded 2010 Prius. If that were the case, would more of us be inclined to buy an American electric car to help support our ailing domestic industry?

I-GO has been looking at vehicles like the Ford Fusion hybrid, a mid-size sedan, and if the Volt were cost-efficient enough for our membership organization, we’d consider that one, too, and be able to help on two fronts: advocating for clean cars and American automakers.

Any second opinions on that notion?