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I-Go Blog Love

October 31, 2008

Bloggists in Chicago and beyond show love to I-Go, and we love them right back. Here’s what they’re saying:

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Get Spooky with I-GO

October 29, 2008

Looking for some frightening fun this Halloween? Use I-GO Car Sharing to hit the super-scary, suburban haunted houses. With names like Dragon’s Dome, Scream Scene and Nightmares: Basement of the Dead, your dreams may be haunted long after the 31st.

Dragon’s Dome. Deep in the heart of the dark woods, aka Frankfort is an abandoned castle creeping with dragons and other fierce beasts.

Scream Scene. Wind your way through a maze of creepy rooms, featuring crazed butchers, chainsaw maniacs and harrowing monsters. Who knew Skokie could be so scary?

Nightmares: Basement of the Dead. Ghouls and zombies haunt the deep tunnels that run under Aurora. So intense, you have to be 13 or older to visit.

For more haunted fun in the area, check out Haunted House Chicago.

Chicago Tribune weighs in on car sharing

October 27, 2008

Chicago Tribune reporter (and I-GO member! sweet!) Michael Hawthorne waxes poetic in the Oct. 27 paper on the virtues and growing pains of car sharing in a metro area (Hawthorne’s a resident of Oak Park, where I-GO’s suburban coverage extends, in addition to Evanston). It’s an excellent barometer of where I-GO stands in the public eye at present, and we’re pleased to report that, all said, Hawthorne’s column amounts to an advocacy piece. The Trib’s even posted a online reader poll to discern who among their general readership has used car sharing and who hasn’t. As of noon on Monday, the response was about split among approximately 800 respondents. We’ll consider that a resounding vote of confidence in the value and future of car sharing.

Far-Flung Fun: Bridgeport

October 27, 2008

Far-Flung Fun will be an occasional series of posts here on Motormouth that will shed some light on fun stuff in some of the less glitzy corners of our city you can enjoy with I-Go. Impress your friends or dates with food, drinks, and entertainment you can’t find in Lakeview or River North.

Today, we give you three reasons to point your I-Go car to Bridgeport:

Co-Prosperity Sphere – 3219 South Morgan
The center of old-time, blue collar, Machine Chicago doesn’t seem like a likely place for an “Experimental Cultural Center,” but here it is. The Co-Prosperity Sphere showcases artists, musicians, and performers in a 5,000 square foot gallery. In November, the space will feature INFOPORN, an exhibition of graphs, charts, and maps, presenting a “visual explosion of points and paths.”

Ed’s Pot Sticker House – 3139 South Halsted
One of the best, most authentic Chinese food in Chicago isn’t in Chinatown or on Argyle, it’s on South Halsted in Bridgeport – just follow the old-timey chasing lights outside Ed’s Potsticker House. Ed’s famous soup dumplings and cigar-shaped pot stickers are delicious treats that you won’t find at your local the take-out place and are a fun and inexpensive alternative to burgers or pasta.

Schaller’s Pump – 3714 South Halsted
Celebrate a Sox win, plot political power plays, and experience Chicago history at the oldest bar in the city. If you like old man bars, you need to experience the ultimate. Plus, like everything else in Bridgeport, a beer is a lot cheaper At Schaller’s Pump than in Wrigleyville.

Easy Going: Yahoo sends clues to the carless

October 24, 2008

If you’re a walker like me, Chicago is like another city while driving – one way streets, exits, construction… how’s anyone get anywhere with a car?

Yahoo Maps can help – it now has a feature that will send directions to your phone – just put in your digits and Yahoo will send the map and directions directly to your phone so you can get where you’re going with less wrong turns and missed exits.

I-GO Getaways: Philadelphia

October 24, 2008

Chicago isn’t the only city with a non-profit car sharing program. Cities like Philadelphia, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Toronto and Vancouver (to name a few) have them too. And with your I-GO membership, you have access to them all. Call I-GO at 773-278-4446 a week prior to your trip and we’ll coordinate the details with our car sharing partners and get you driving.

To promote this feature of your I-GO membership, we are bringing you a series of travel guides to help you plan your trips to these fun and exciting cities. First up, Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Guide: PhillyCarShare

What to do: While there are can’t miss historic sites right in downtown Philly (like the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall), use PhillyCarShare and head out to beautiful Bucks County. Drive scenic River Road along the Delaware River, tour eight wineries, explore historic towns and museums and check out 11 covered bridges. Antique shops, specialty boutiques, art galleries and open-air markets offer a variety of shopping opportunities.

Where to Stay: Check out Penn’s View Hotel located in the heart of Old Philadelphia, the birthplace of America. There are PhillyCarShare locations located within blocks of the hotel.

Where to Eat: It’s not Chicago deep-dish, but Osteria’s wood burning oven pizza was rated the city’s best. Unpretentious, lively and fun, Osteria is a Philly favorite serving up great Italian food.

Easy Going: Tips to keep kids cool

October 23, 2008

Kids get pretty bored in the car, especially kids who aren’t used to staying put in the back seat for two or three Cosby Shows (the time increment used in the car when I was a wee one). When kids get bored, they get ornery – best to keep them occupied before mom or dad Needs To Stop This Car.

Travelhacker has posted 27 Free Games to Keep Your Kids Entertained on a Road Trip, which is a great place to start – from the classics I Spy and Slug Bug, to more outside-the-box ideas like that second grade favorite, the paper fortune teller.

These games result in a lot less tears and screams than my favorite car game as a child, Not Touching You Can’t Get Mad.

I-GO Membership Drive: Edgewater

October 22, 2008

I-GO Membership Drive
Tues., Oct. 28, 5-7pm
6301 N. Sheridan Rd.

Hello, Edgewater! We recently added a new car at 6301 N. Sheridan Rd. (vehicle I.D. #4404), and I-GO staff will be there to answer all your questions about our service and to sign you up! Come for the membership sign-up discount (just $25 – a savings of $50 off the standard rate!), stay for the wine and cheese. Get a friend or family member to join, and we’ll give you $20 worth of driving credits!

Vehicle Relocations

October 22, 2008

This week we relocated 2 I-GO vehicles.

Car #4511 (Blue Toyota Prius)
Old Location: 2136 W Damen Ave
New Location: 2154 W Wabansia

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Car #4500 (Silver Honda Civic)
Old Location: 1953-55 W Leland
New Location: 3200 N Lake Shore Dr.

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Help Bring Clean Cars to Illinois

October 16, 2008

The Illinois Clean Cars Act is an important piece of legislation that will soon be voted on in Springfield. The act would require new cars sold in Illinois to have higher fuel efficiency standards, thus improving air quality and public health, while also reducing global warming pollution. This is Illinois’ opportunity to lead the Midwest in adopting standards that will require auto manufacturers to build cleaner cars. How will this benefit Illinois residents? Check out this interview with Joe Shacter, senior policy advocate at the Environmental Law & Policy Center.

To learn more about or take action on this bill, visit the Environmental Law & Policy Center’s website.