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Paris says "Oui" to car sharing

August 14, 2009

Paris’ mayor just announced the city wants to adopt car sharing in the wake of its successful bike sharing program.

Not only that: They want to start off with thousands of electric cars and a network of charging stations.

Isn’t the sort of bold strategy Chicago ought to be implementing if it wants to demonstrate how green it is to the international Olympic committee? Especially since the city is banking on its environmental initiatives to win the 2016 Summer Games.

That said, the Chicago 2016 committee’s “Blue-Green Games” agenda is still quite laudable—if they can pull it off.

Not taking sides on that bid—there are pros and cons to it in so many ways. Just noting that Paris seems more progressive in this regard at the moment.

Renault greenlights electric-car web site

July 27, 2009

Renault has a new electric-car web site.

The automaker’s partners include Nissan and—more intriguingly—Bay Area-based Better Place, with which it intends to partner on battery-charging stations.

And Renault wants to produce a range of 100% electric vehicles, rejecting the current business model of playing up one marquee flagship car (i.e. Prius, Insight, Volt). Their Z.E. (as in “zero emissions”) concept car is greener than green, far beyond the electric motor. We’re digging the acid-green, neon windows, which help provide insulation and save energy, and temperature-regulating solar panels.

Voiture électrique? We say, toss in a baguette and bottle of Bordeaux, and we’ll give it a shot. Seriously, though: It’s fascinating to see the electric vehicle market begin to take shape internationally.