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I-GO does Green Fest

May 18, 2009

I-GO Car Sharing waded into the eco throng with elan at this year’s Green Festival at Navy Pier this past weekend. Among the vegans, home energy auditors, eco apparel purveyors, climate action advocates and plenty more, our car sharing booth held plenty of interest. As did the three-wheeled electric Zap cars and scooters parked next to us, which were George Jetson cool.

Slinging sales pitches at the I-GO booth was fun work at Green Fest. Car sharing’s cost-saving, convenient virtues sell themselves. (In the background of the photo above right you can catch a glimpse of the all-electric Zap three-wheelers, street-legal eco-lectable rides made by a California-based company. We question whether former Conan the Barbarian Gov. Arnold could shoehorn himself into one, though.)

At left, pictured, was one of our fave installations at the fest: Chicago-based Working Bikes‘ demo of how their donated wheels help villagers in Africa and Central America do everything from power blenders to irrigate gardens. (We’re not so sure about the functional application of the armillary-sphere-looking thing here with the toy bike circumnavigating its globe. But it sure is cool.)