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Fast Company cites I-GO and CTA’s transit smart card

April 28, 2009

I-GO just got name-dropped by Fast Company magazine. The joint transit smart card we created with CTA—the Chicago Card Plus/I-GO Card—is one of the “12 Ideas to Build On” in the magazine’s May issue article on progressive green cities.

Our smart card program gets props for linking various modes of transportation—buses, trains, and automobiles—highlighting the importance of an extended, connected public transportation network.

Sharon Feigon, CEO of I-GO Car Sharing, explains, “We want to integrate the public-transit systems and car sharing any way we can, and sharing one card is a good way to demonstrate that these different ideas are linked.”

Other innovative ideas featured in the article include the Zero Landfill, Total Recycling program in Taipei, Taiwan; Tucson’s Healthy City Initiative; the Mortgage Foreclosure Protection Program in Philadelphia; and Vancouver’s Green Games initiative.