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Nissan’s EV prepares for its debutante closeup

July 30, 2009

Nissan’s planning to unveil its new zero-emissions electric vehicle at its HQ on Aug. 2. Check out the performance stats overview on its site. The car is counting down to lift-off in 2010.

Don’t know if it’s just opportunistic green brand marketing or earnest enviro stewardship, but I’m liking the mission statement here:

Nissan has been addressing a wide range of actions under “Blue Citizenship” which represents the company’s desire to protect the blue planet and to be a corporate citizen that can live symbiotically with people and society. These efforts range from such global issues as the environmental protection to contribution to communities, promoting diversity and making personal mobility available to as many people as possible. Nissan continues promoting the development of zero-emission vehicles based on the “Blue Citizenship” spirit by introducing effective technologies, products and services into the market.

Dancing (and a whole lot more) in the street!

July 29, 2009

Have some free time this Saturday, August 1st? (August already? Where did the summer go?!) The Active Transportation Alliance, formally the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, is holding a free, 8-mile “Open Streets” event stretching from Logan Square to Little Village.

The event will run from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and feature a variety of activities, including music, art activities, children’s games, workout classes and much more. Even better: It’s a free event and there’s no registration, so you can join in at any point along the route! For more info, you can also call them at (312) 377-5727.

Check out this interesting video on the Open Streets initiative:

I-GO at the Chicago Criterium

July 29, 2009

I-GO provided the only two pace/SAG (support and gear) cars in the Chicago Criterium bike race this past Sunday, July 26. What a spectacle this race is! For those who missed it, it’s an annual event in Grant Park, so you’ll get another chance next year.

Renault greenlights electric-car web site

July 27, 2009

Renault has a new electric-car web site.

The automaker’s partners include Nissan and—more intriguingly—Bay Area-based Better Place, with which it intends to partner on battery-charging stations.

And Renault wants to produce a range of 100% electric vehicles, rejecting the current business model of playing up one marquee flagship car (i.e. Prius, Insight, Volt). Their Z.E. (as in “zero emissions”) concept car is greener than green, far beyond the electric motor. We’re digging the acid-green, neon windows, which help provide insulation and save energy, and temperature-regulating solar panels.

Voiture électrique? We say, toss in a baguette and bottle of Bordeaux, and we’ll give it a shot. Seriously, though: It’s fascinating to see the electric vehicle market begin to take shape internationally.

I-GO partners with Chicago Park District on car sharing

July 23, 2009

I-GO Car Sharing and the Chicago Park District have partnered to bring car-sharing vehicles to Chicago parks around town.

Check out this sweet video the Park District produced on the program. Thanks, CPD!

Green Dream Group goes 100% I-GO

July 23, 2009

One of I-GO’s hippest business members, home energy auditors Green Dream Group (we wrote about them in our May newsletter), called to say they’re going entirely with I-GO cars for their client calls.

Reason: Car sharing complements their business model and mission and, they say, impresses clients when one of their tech team members makes a house call.

We say: You rock, Green Dream Group! Thanks for the support!

Check out this vid clip to learn more about how this young, entrepreneurial, local firm can save you big-time on home energy costs:

I-GO slips a disc

July 17, 2009

How to spin this one? We’ll be dodging discs this weekend at the Ultimate Chicago Sandblast co-ed ultimate Frisbee tourney at Montrose Beach. Stop by and say hi, bring a friend, and we’ll give you a break on an I-GO membership sign-up: just $25 (50 bones off the normal price). The Frisbees may be plastic, but we’re serving our deal up on a silver platter.

I-GO begins suburban expansion

July 14, 2009

We have officially kicked off our suburban expansion program with the addition of two new cars in Oak Park and Evanston. We also added two new cars in Chicago: one in Streeterville and one in Pilsen. Three of these four cars are brand spankin’ new 2010 Honda Insights. Haven’t seen one yet? Make sure to check it out!

Evanston: 1800 Maple Ave
2010 Red Honda Insight; Car #4427

Are these convenient locations for you? Post below and make your opinion heard!

Stay on the lookout for more I-GO cars in Skokie, Oak Park, and Evanston as we continue the first phase of suburban expansion.

I-GO at 2009 Chicago Pride Parade

July 14, 2009

When do diversity, equality, and conscientious green mobility go together? When I-GO Car Sharing dives headlong into the Chicago Pride Parade festivities. We rode in the parade (once again) and handed out (once again) T-shirts reading “I-GO for Guys” and “I-GO for Girls.” Whatever your speed or inclination, all agreed: Unity ruled the day.

Check out a vid we shot of the day’s upbeat action: