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New Month, New Cars

April 30, 2008

I can’t believe it’s already May! I feel like New Years Eve was just last month- apparently, I shouldn’t trust my sense of time…

This month we will be adding 10 new cars- 6 of which will go into service by May 22nd; the other 4 by the end of May.

Last week we added one new car at a new location:
Hyde Park: 5541 S Everett (Red Toyota Prius)

By the end of this week, we’ll also have added one new car to another new location:
Hyde Park: 5210 S. Woodlawn (Silver Toyota Prius)

And one new car to an old location:
Lakeview: 1232 W Belmont (Blue Toyota Prius; this new car is replacing an older car that was moved to 60 E Lake St)

Check back soon for more new cars and new locations! And don’t forget to post below and voice your opinion on where we need more cars and what kind of cars you prefer to drive.

Buying Locally Grown Food

April 24, 2008

So far all of my posts have been related to what’s going on here at I-GO. That seems to make sense, since this is the official I-GO blog. However, I know that I-GO members have at least a few other sides to their personalities and may be interested in things other than I-GO (gasp!)…

Most members also seem to be quite eco-conscious. Therefore, I thought it might be worthwhile for me to update members on new environmental trends.

I know I try to reduce my environmental impact through a combination of recycling, driving very little, buying organic and reusing, reusing, reusing! Another key way to reduce your footprint is by buying locally grown food. Only problem is- where do you go to find such food? Problem- did I say problem? Well, problem no more- introducing: LocalHarvest. LocalHarvest is America’s #1 organic and local food website. They maintain a nationwide directory of small farms, farmers markets and other local food sources. Their search engine helps people find products from family farms and local sources of sustainably grown food. Click here to check out their website.

Make sure to post below and share with me your methods and tricks for reducing your environmental impact. What do you do to lessen your footprint?

New Cars for a New Season!

April 18, 2008

It’s looking like spring is actually, finally here! (Knock on wood!) And we have 3 new car locations to go along with the new season.

-Downtown: 60 E Lake St (Honda Fit)

-Edgewater: 5240 N. Sheridan Rd (Toyota Prius)

-Rogers Park: 1218 W. Morse Ave (Toyota Prius)

Both the 60 E Lake and 5240 N. Sheridan locations will eventually have two cars, but for now there is just one. What do you think about these new locations? Will you use these new cars? Post your feedback and let us know!

Earn Driving Credits!

April 10, 2008

Do you tell your friends and family about I-GO? If you like car sharing and are helping spread the word about I-GO you can earn driving credits! Members who refer new, approved members receive a $20 credit per new member. So, tell your friends about I-GO and have them note your name and/or Member Number on the application when they apply. The referral credit happens automatically and you should see it on your next statement.

How do you promote I-GO? Do you talk about I-GO at parties or at work? Post below to let us know how you promote car sharing in Chicago.

New Reservation System

April 2, 2008

As many of you may have noticed, we recently revamped I-GO’s website and reservation system. Our goal was to make it even easier to reserve one of our cars; to help accomplish this we have added a number of functions to our site- such as the ability to search for only day rate vehicles and the ability to search for a car by intersection, address or neighborhood. As with any new technology, we are working out a few minor glitches, but we are confident that you will find the new reservation system easy and convenient once you’ve used it. What do you think of the new look of our reservation system? Post below to make your questions, insights and ideas for improvement heard!