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Car sharing gets short end of stick shift on Today Show

May 14, 2009

A Today Show segment that aired today was originally pitched to I-GO as a wide-ranging piece on automotive cost-saving tactics—including, prominently, car sharing. But it morphed into something else: a piece on small, fuel-efficient cars, and how that represents a major psychological shift for Americans away from our beloved gas-guzzling muscle cars.

Stop the presses. There’s breaking news for you.

I think the Today Show’s NYC producers need to get out more. The shift to Priuses and other small, fuel-efficient and hybrid cars is old news. Though certainly we champion this trend, and hope it will continue. Car sharing: That’s a fresh, new story with real teeth.

I-GO gets a shot of a Prius in Logan Square and a sign. Bob and Kennon, the I-GO members who took the time to be interviewed, ended up on the cutting-room floor. Bet they’re bummed. Sorry, guys. Maybe the Today Show can reuse that footage in another piece. Not likely, but one can hope.

Last segment I saw before turning off the TV: Matt Lauer interviewing a 5-year-old chef making quesadillas.

Important stuff, folks.

Maybe next time we should come up with a kindergartner who fries Mexican food on the hood of an I-GO Honda Element.

Might just work.

Here’s the vid clip:

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