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The vote yesterday? Rocked it.

November 5, 2008

Some big news, apparently – America picked a new president, a rather popular guy from Chicago, in fact. There was some party or something in over in Grant Park.

Kidding aside, among the many bits of historic and exciting news that came out of our TVs and computers last night was that first time voters were a huge factor in the outcome, especially the young and elderly.

A few of these folks from the South Side got to the polls in I-GO cars.

I-GO partnered with Rock The Vote and K.L.E.O. Community Center to help people vote and threw a “Party at the Polls” featuring performances by Robert Jones, The Youth for Christ, and the insanely talented Jessie White Tumblers, who would make terrific ninjas if anyone is hiring:

These guys rocked the vote – how did you?

Far-Flung Fun: Bridgeport

October 27, 2008

Far-Flung Fun will be an occasional series of posts here on Motormouth that will shed some light on fun stuff in some of the less glitzy corners of our city you can enjoy with I-Go. Impress your friends or dates with food, drinks, and entertainment you can’t find in Lakeview or River North.

Today, we give you three reasons to point your I-Go car to Bridgeport:

Co-Prosperity Sphere – 3219 South Morgan
The center of old-time, blue collar, Machine Chicago doesn’t seem like a likely place for an “Experimental Cultural Center,” but here it is. The Co-Prosperity Sphere showcases artists, musicians, and performers in a 5,000 square foot gallery. In November, the space will feature INFOPORN, an exhibition of graphs, charts, and maps, presenting a “visual explosion of points and paths.”

Ed’s Pot Sticker House – 3139 South Halsted
One of the best, most authentic Chinese food in Chicago isn’t in Chinatown or on Argyle, it’s on South Halsted in Bridgeport – just follow the old-timey chasing lights outside Ed’s Potsticker House. Ed’s famous soup dumplings and cigar-shaped pot stickers are delicious treats that you won’t find at your local the take-out place and are a fun and inexpensive alternative to burgers or pasta.

Schaller’s Pump – 3714 South Halsted
Celebrate a Sox win, plot political power plays, and experience Chicago history at the oldest bar in the city. If you like old man bars, you need to experience the ultimate. Plus, like everything else in Bridgeport, a beer is a lot cheaper At Schaller’s Pump than in Wrigleyville.