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Last-last-minute Thanksgiving groceries in Chicago

November 26, 2008

Procrastinating cooks throughout the city might want to know where to go for last minute turkeys and fixings for the holiday. I checked it out – here are Thanksgiving Day hours for Chicago grocery stores:

  • Whole Foods: Chicago stores are open 7am-3pm, Evanston’s Chicago Avenue store is open until 5pm
  • Dominick’s: Most locations, including South Canal and Halsted, are open 24 hours – Streeterville location is open 6am-9pm. Check here for all locations.
  • Jewel: Most close at 6pm – you can check your location here.
  • Trader Joes: All stores are closed on Thanksgiving, so get a move on if mango hot dogs and organic pop tarts are on the menu.

I pretty much looked at websites and talked to some store managers, so double-checking is advised.

As always, I-GO cars are available throughout the day all over Chicago for lugging around turkeys and cranberries and sweet potatoes (or going out to the suburbs to eat your mom’s or grandma’s…). I’m gonna jump in one to go get my own sweet potatoes for some Thanksgiving hashbrowns:

Merry Turkey Day everyone.

(photo from Google’s sweet LIFE photo archive)

Easy Going: Yahoo sends clues to the carless

October 24, 2008

If you’re a walker like me, Chicago is like another city while driving – one way streets, exits, construction… how’s anyone get anywhere with a car?

Yahoo Maps can help – it now has a feature that will send directions to your phone – just put in your digits and Yahoo will send the map and directions directly to your phone so you can get where you’re going with less wrong turns and missed exits.