I-GO adds Honda Insights to fleet

I-GO just added four brand-new Honda Insights to the fleet. Pictured here: the Insight at 2350 N. Racine (at Fullerton). Took it out for a bit today. Really nice ride. Sooo clean. (Let’s keep it that way!) Liked the “Eco Assist” button function, which lets you tweak the electric-to-gas ratio even more. This car sits next to a Prius and guess what? I couldn’t tell the diff until I got within five feet.

One Response to “I-GO adds Honda Insights to fleet”

  1. Elayne Says:

    West Evanston could really use some I-GO cars! A perfect place would be the mall that holds Home Depot on Oakton (2330 W Oakton). There are a few people who I know would consider I-GO a reasonable alternative to driving or catching the bus if they saw the cars there.

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