Twin Cities-to-Chicago car sharing connection

Here’s a nice little plug for I-GO by a transplanted-Chicagoan blogging in Minneapolis. Maybe she can avail herself of Hour Car, a St. Paul-based car-sharing service that’s remarkably similar to I-GO’s business model. They were also launched by a non-profit green org, Neighborhood Energy Connections, that, like I-GO’s parent org Center for Neighborhood Technology (man, even the names sound alike), is invested in energy conservation initiatives and policy work.

One of Hour Car’s staff stopped by our Wicker Park office this week since he was visiting Chicago. Smart guy. They’ve got two full-time staffers and are growing their biz and fleet steadily. They’re also focused on low-emission vehicles.

Hour Car publishes a blog, too, and posted an item on I-GO yesterday.

Thanks, Hour Car compatriots.

And FYI to all I-GO members: If you’re visiting the Twin Cities, you can use Hour Car’s fleet without having to pay a membership sign-up fee. That benefit also applies to our non-profit car-sharing sister companies in Philadelphia (PhillyCarShare) and San Francisco (City CarShare).

Tell ’em I-GO sent you.

2 Responses to “Twin Cities-to-Chicago car sharing connection”

  1. nalugirl Says:

    Thanks for the mention and linking to the PenStreet blog. Just one thing, I'm actually a Minneapolis transplant living/writing in Chicago. This story is also in the latest issue of the Rogers Park Community Council paper, and will appear on next week!

  2. Craig Says:

    My bad! Sorry for the mix-up!

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