Mayor Daley nabs #5 spot on Grist’s "15 Green-Leaning Mayors"

Grist recently released their list of “15 Green-Leaning Mayors”, and Chicago’s very own, Richard M. Daley, nabbed the fifth spot. They cite Daley’s green-roof program (the most extensive in the country), sustainable redevelopment & landscaping projects, and his emphasis on renewable energy as his strong points. The article also mentioned Chicago’s bid for the 2016 summer Olympics, stating that it “hinges on the event being the greenest Olympics in history.”

The four mayors that topped Daley are: Michael Bloomberg (New York City), Greg Nickels (Seattle), Gavin Newsom (San Francisco), and Ed Malloy (Fairfield, Indiana). While the list is hardly complete, it does give a good indication of the vast geographical diversity in local climate leadership today.

What do you think? Did Mayor Daley deserve the #5 spot?

2 Responses to “Mayor Daley nabs #5 spot on Grist’s "15 Green-Leaning Mayors"”

  1. chitownclark Says:

    I think we residents of Chicago are secretly thrilled with what a beautiful, accessible, environmental city Chicago has become during the time Mayor Daley has been in office. Remember the bad 1970’s?? When a mayor could get thrown out of office just because he didn’t plow the snow off the streets so people could drive their cars?

    Mayor Daley has changed so much in this city since then…most importantly, he’s changed how we citizens THINK. We’ve become more environmentally aware; we’re not so selfish anymore. We’re now willing to inconvenience ourselves to make the city more beautiful and environmental. Way to go Mayor!

  2. Dorian Says:

    It is very sad that Daley got #5 of the 'Green Mayor List.' Mayor Daley opposes the Chicago Clean Power ordinance that would clean up Chicago's largest single source of toxic emissions: the Fisk and Crawford coal-fired power plants. Green?? Even the 'green olympics' have been shown to be a sham where venues will be cutting down hundreds of more trees than replacing, and will boost public transport spending minimally. See here: for good info about this sham. And Mayor Daley has accomplished virtually none of the promised city purchase of renewables. He should be known as the green-washed toxic mayor.

    The green roof program provides minimal environmental and climate benefit compared to the positions he could take like the clean power ordinance. More info at

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