Protect Your Skin When the Temperature Drops

Aside from the occasional I-GO trip, I rely on the CTA and my own two feet to get around. I spend a lot of time outdoors, even in these freezing temperatures. But sub-zero conditions can leave my face flaky, cracked and red. Here are some tips to keep your skin healthy while braving the elements.

1. Prevent flaky skin.First, avoid products that contain alcohol, which is drying. Instead, use a gentle cleanser and switch to a richer moisturizer. Neutrogena products are my personal favorite.

2. Stop a red nose. Unless you’re guiding Santa’s sleigh, no one wants a red nose (which, by the way, is caused by dilated blood vessels). Since sun exposure can also cause redness, wear plenty of SPF 30 sunblock, even in the dead of winter. Kiehl’s makes a good one. And a warm — not hot — compress to the skin for a few minutes should also reduce redness.

3. Keep lips moist and crack-free. There’s no such thing as too much lip balm. It’s your first line of defense against chapped lips. Also avoid licking lips which dries them out even more.

For more tips to keep your skin healthy this winter, check out this post from Real Simple.

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