Got Gas?

The rule of thumb here at I-GO is that if the gas tank reaches a quarter (or below) while you’re out and about, you will need to stop and refuel the vehicle before returning it. We cover the cost of gas. You just need to put it in!

Each vehicle is equipped with a fuel card, which can be found in the keypad device in the glove box. When you swipe the gas card at the pump, you will be asked to enter two numbers: (1) the odometer and (2) the Driver ID (which is not your member number). The odometer reading can be found on the dash board of the car. The Driver ID will appear on the keypad screen when you remove the gas card. In order to make sure that it does show up on the screen, follow these simple steps:

1. Make sure the car is on
2. Turn off the vehicle, but keep the key in the ignition
3. Take the gas card out of the keypad (in glove box)
4. The Driver ID will appear on the keypad screen
If, after pulling the gas card out of the keypad, the screen stays blank or displays “1234”– call our office (773.278.4446) and we can both provide you with the Driver ID and also reprogram the keypad so that the problem does not occur again. Happy Driving!

3 Responses to “Got Gas?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is really confusing for users who haven’t read your post. I’ve simply given up refilling several times because I couldn’t get the right info into the pump. Do you really need all this custom info for filling up gas? Can’t you just figure out which car got the gas from the number on the gas card for that card? I think this is a real issue, and if you guys are having problems with cars being left near empty, this is your reason.

    This plus the fact that the online app doesn’t work correctly on the iPhone are the two issues I have with iGo. ‘course I’m still a happy user – you guys are 97% awesome 🙂

  2. Hugh Says:

    I wonder about this too – I’ll check in with Clare and the gang to see if I can get some answers for you.

    As for the smart phone stuff – as far as I know, the computer people are aware of the issue and checking it out.

    Gotta get that 3% back, after all…

    Thanks for your membership and readership. Stay tuned.

  3. Craig Keller Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Mr./Mrs. Anonymous. I'll do my best to respond.

    Agreed, the fuel card procedure can seem a bit complex at first. I-GO uses a driver ID# and not the number on the card to track fuel purchases and a whole lot more information pertaining to a particular vehicle. In the event a fuel card is lost (or, gasp, stolen) and needs to be replaced, it would be a logistical pain in the butt to synchronize all that data again.

    One thing I have noticed is missing from some of our member information, though, is that besides the driver ID# you also need to key in the odometer reading. (This is explained in the Member Manual, which we hope most members read!) In any case, we thought it was worth recapping here on the blog and also in the January newsletter recently emailed to our members:

    As for the iPhone app question, we are certainly aware of that issue at I-GO and are busy looking at how to implement browser compatibility with smart phones, BlackBerrys and other PDAs — especially as it pertains to our online reservation system.

    You should be able to use Safari to view the website, but since neither our reservation site nor the I-GO site are as yet configured by our web developers for mobile displays, navigating around will still be tricky for the time being.

    Jim Neils, I-GO's operations manager, sent me this explanation from the developers who code our reservation site:

    "Currently, iPhone users can make a reservation using the integrated Safari browser. It should display identically to how it does on the Safari browser available on regular Mac and PC computers. However, since this site isn’t tailored for use on smartphones and is graphics-intensive, it will run significantly slower and will require a lot of “zooming” and clicking, which could be frustrating on a smartphone. The IPhone interface greatly improves usability here.

    The reservation site does work, but as mentioned above, will be quite slow. I wouldn’t suggest using it on a non-3G iPhone either, since it would probably take an impossibly long time and may be non-functional. Perhaps this is the case with the members that reported difficulty. However, the site should generally work since it is Safari compatible."

    I hope this helps. Again, we are working toward resolving this issue and hope to integrate mobile browsing in the near future.

    Craig Keller
    Communications & Marketing Manager, I-GO Car Sharing

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