You don’t have take to the sky (or go to the mall) for a great present

Unlike a lot of people, I really dig airports and airplanes. Along with the herds of people to watch at the airport and the excitement of careening through the air in a metal tube on a scientific principle I never really understood, I really enjoy window shopping the SkyMall. SkyMall is the catalog in the little seat pocket that sells adult-sized footie pajamas, dangerous collector swords, and every almost-useful iPod accessory you could sort-of want. Oh, if I were a rich man…

Aaany way, in these times, our loved ones will surely appreciate gifts that will make their lives greener and easier rather than more wasteful and ridiculous. In my opinion, there is no greener or more useful gift than an I-GO membership – parents, coworkers, friends, siblings, cousins, etc. – anyone in Chicago who needs to get from one place to the other can do so more cheaply and easily if they don’t have to worry about gas, parking, or insurance.

Just get them some GO Bucks, which can be used for an existing membership, or if your people are already savvy, the bucks can be used for driving credits.

Also remember that suggesting GO Bucks to Grandma is a good way to head off a puffy-painted sweatshirt before it goes in the mail…

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