Snow days were more fun Back In The Day…

It’s the first big snow of the year, and as I hear Chicago school closings listed, I am again bummed as heck that I won’t ever experience the joy of a snow day. Heart pumping as the list is read, the ecstasy as your school is called, the video games and PJs all day while you skip your homework again…

But now we grown ups have to soldier on in this weather, getting wet and cold waiting for the El, scrubbing salt stains from our shoes, wiping out on the ice, and also braving dangerous roads. For folks not used to driving in this mess, be sure to follow some of these important tips as you do your grown-up business in your favorite I-Go car:

  • Turn on your head lights so other cars can see you.
  • Stay a bit further behind the cars in front of you – when there is snow and ice, you’ll need about three times the amount of space to break.
  • If you get stuck, clear snow from the tires and ease your way out. Spinning your wheels will just get you more stuck.

More tips on Winter driving are at Stay warm and safe.

(Image from WBBM CBS 2 Chicago)

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