Is green always green?

Dudes. Been thinking about how environmental stuff is really mainstream these days. There are as many “green” products and services out there as there are “lite,” “premium,” and “improved.” This is great on some level, but I wonder how much making all the crap we buy and things we do slightly less awful for the planet does for the larger cause. Wouldn’t consuming less crap be much better?

For example, sharing cars (with I-GO, obvs) to get your people and groceries around seems to make a lot more sense than schlepping around town in a Cadillac Escalade Hybrid. What do you think? Are there some “green” things you’ve come across that don’t make much sense?

(Image from Earthfirst)

One Response to “Is green always green?”

  1. HOURCAR Says:

    I doubt it. The price point on the Hybrid Escalade is $75k — or nearly four Priuses. We’re not buying in to it and I doubt IGo will be buying any of these any time soon.

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