Rally for cleaner air

There’s a rally/press conference this Sunday in support for The Illinois Clean Cars Act (HB3424), which would make Illinois the first Midwest state to adopt California vehicle emission standards for cars and light trucks. This from the Environmental Law and Policy Center:

  • Passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks will be required to emit significantly reduced levels of volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, and other air pollutants including several carcinogenic air toxics
  • Reduce global warming pollution from new cars by an average of 22% by 2012 and by average of 30 % by 2020 and slash air toxics by 13%-21% and reduce critical air pollutants by 5%-16% by 2030
  • Apply to vehicles for the 2011 model-year and after
  • The Secretary of State can prohibit the transfer of a new vehicle or vehicle engines if found to not be compliant with the vehicle emission standard

Sounds good to me – I-GO members won’t have to change any of their habits, except get used to breathing cleaner air.

The event is downtown at Federal Plaza at Dearborn and Adams this Sunday November 16 from 2-3pm. If you have any questions, email cleancarsillinois@gmail.com.

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