Fewer Cars = Stronger Economy?

In a new report unveiled by the Center for Neighborhood Technology, transportation leaders across the country are calling for an immediate and robust investment in public transit, high-speed and intercity rail, neighborhoods that are less car-dependent, more walkable and more affordable, and restoring the thousands of roads and bridges in failing condition across the United States. Funding these important projects has the potential to create millions of good, green jobs nationally, save Americans thousands of dollars per year, and reduce America’s dependence on oil once and for all.

What do you think the new Obama Administration should do to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

One Response to “Fewer Cars = Stronger Economy?”

  1. S.B. Says:

    Rather than bail out the Big 3 to allow them to continue to do what they’ve done to drive their companies (literally) to the ground, and spew endless carbon emissions, why not offer a bailout (or as Michael Moore suggests, an outright purchase) which mandates that Detroit manufacture light speed rail cars, buses and train cars, and plug-in hybrids exclusively. Infrastructure investment will create millions of jobs–but the infrastructure should be in improving public transportation (how about doubling Amtrak’s capacity?) rather than building more highways.

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