Buying Locally Grown Food

So far all of my posts have been related to what’s going on here at I-GO. That seems to make sense, since this is the official I-GO blog. However, I know that I-GO members have at least a few other sides to their personalities and may be interested in things other than I-GO (gasp!)…

Most members also seem to be quite eco-conscious. Therefore, I thought it might be worthwhile for me to update members on new environmental trends.

I know I try to reduce my environmental impact through a combination of recycling, driving very little, buying organic and reusing, reusing, reusing! Another key way to reduce your footprint is by buying locally grown food. Only problem is- where do you go to find such food? Problem- did I say problem? Well, problem no more- introducing: LocalHarvest. LocalHarvest is America’s #1 organic and local food website. They maintain a nationwide directory of small farms, farmers markets and other local food sources. Their search engine helps people find products from family farms and local sources of sustainably grown food. Click here to check out their website.

Make sure to post below and share with me your methods and tricks for reducing your environmental impact. What do you do to lessen your footprint?

4 Responses to “Buying Locally Grown Food”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t wait for the farmer’s markets– especially Logan Square. I’m hoping this summer it starts a little more robust than it has in the past. It alwasy ends up great, but I suppose for all good things you have to wait. What are some other good farmer’s markets in the city?

  2. Clare Says:

    That’s a good questions! (What are some other good(besides Logan Sq)farmer’s markets in the city?) I’ve only attended the one in Lincoln Park but I’ll ask around the office and try to get back with some more suggestions. Does anyone else go to farmer’s markets in the city? If so, where?

  3. Clare Says:

    Alright, so I asked around the office about Chicago’s summer farmer’s markets and got a lot of great feedback.

    Everyone seemed to agree that the Wicker Park and Logan Square farmer’s markets were good. Oak Park’s farmer’s market was also a favorite. The most popular farmer’s market among the I-GO staff seems to be the Green City Market in Lincoln Park.

    The Green City market has not only fruits and veggies but also bakery items, meat, soaps and cheeses. It’s opening day is Wednesday, May 14th from 7am to 1:30 pm and is located at the South end of Lincoln Park between 1750 N Clark Dr and Stockton Dr. For those of you taking I-GO cars to the market, there is discounted parking available for $4/hour in the lot of Stockton Dr.

  4. Clare Says:

    If you check out this week’s Reader there is a whole page dedicated to all of the city’s farmer’s markets. I actually cut it out and put it on my fridge- quite handy!

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