And the winner is….

The results are in on I-GO’s 2008 Member Survey. A big “thank you” (and some good karma) goes out to all of you who took the time to answer our questions! You’ll be happy to know that we’re taking in all of your suggestions, comments, complaints and pats-on-the-backs and adjusting I-GO’s practices accordingly.

Now to the interesting stuff! We asked members what their three favorite car models are, within the current I-GO fleet. The results scream HYBRIDS! The top three car models chosen were (in order of preference): the Honda Civic Hybrid, the Toyota Prius and the Honda Civic. Rounding up the other end of the spectrum, the Toyota Scion XB came in dead last- by a long shot.

So just what is it about these cars that you like? And why all the hatred for the sweet little Scion XB? We need details! Should I-GO have only hybrids? Should we buy more American-made cars? Post your thoughts below and let us know!

10 Responses to “And the winner is….”

  1. smussyolay Says:

    jealous! i’d like to blog about iGO. especially if i could drive around all day and blog about driving. driving + blogging = happy smussyolay.

    are the scions the boxy cars?

  2. Portland Person Says:

    About favorite cars. The Civic Hybrid, in my experience, is a weak hybrid implementation, with very little “hybrid” about it. I was excited to try one out for the first time (a year ago), but I was very disappointed with it. The only time the gas engine shuts off is at a stop light, for instance. And it only shuts off when you come to a complete stop. And as soon as you lift up on the brake, even just to coast forward a few feet, it kicks in again — but this time, coming to a stop again won’t kill the engine. At least that’s the behavior I experienced. Very poor.

    Perhaps the newer Civic Hybrids have improved. But the numbers continue to speak for themselves: the Prius has always gotten at least 10 MPG better than the Civic Hybrid. (See EPA fuel economy summary.)

  3. Portland Person Says:

    > Should we buy more American-made cars?

    How about buying the best cars?

    “Buying American” implies that the country of origin is more important than other criteria — such as the quality and price of the product. I don’t think it makes sense to settle for a substandard or expensive product because of where it is made.

    Of course I’m not saying “don’t buy American.” What I am saying is that we should simply make purchasing decisions on the basis of quality, features, and price. May the best car win!

  4. Clare Says:

    In answer to ‘smussyolay’s’ question, yes- the Toyota Scion xb are the boxy cars. You can check out what they look like here:
    I haven’t yet driven a Scion xb- what don’t you guys like about them? I know sometimes cars in that shape have bad blind spots- is that part of the problem?

  5. Ivan Says:

    I like the xB because I’m a really tall guy and there is so much room, but the engine is quite weak and the car feels tinny and rattles. I wanted to like it even more, but I don’t think it would be a good long term car because it seems it would fall apart.

  6. Cheryl Says:

    I never could get into the survey to answer it, so I’ll do it here. I love the Prius that is the closest car to my hour. I’m particularly happy with the video back up system.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    The thing that I like about zipcar over iGo is that the style of the cars they have seems to be slightly better… why not buy automatic Mini Coopers? You are talking about 18k apiece w/28 mpg. They are good looking and will probably bring in more members.

  8. carl Says:

    I love the Scions, and they get fab mpg. Were people thinking the question was about style? I love boxy, because it means you can fit more in, and it says I care about my A-B task, and not about how cool I look in my RENTED car.

    Minis would be a bad idea for i-go, because they are high theft items, and not very practical for errands. And considering their size, they should do far better on MPG. i-go is the ‘green’ carsharing program, remember?

  9. Rene Says:

    Thanks for the chance to vent on this one. I’m an I-Go member, user and fan because of the car sharing aspect. I look to I-Go to help lighten my footprint on this earth, and the car-sharing to fill transportation needs that public transportation can’t fill. As for attracting the opposite sex with my sexy wheels – I’m long past that.

    I’m very happy with the Honda Civic and the Honda Element that are available in Hyde Park. The Element is great for hauling lots of stuff, the Civic is spacious and handles very well.

    I’m curious to try a Hybrid, but I wonder if there is enough benefit to warrant the extra cost. (Portland Person: the idea of a hybrid is to run a small internal combustion engine at peak efficiency to charge batteries. The batteries in turn power an electric motor because that is a more efficient way to handle stop and go driving. When extra power is required, the gas engine and the electric motor both work to drive the vehicle. Bottom line: it’s OK for the gasoline engine to run most of the time.)

    As for the Scion XB: my son and his wife have one. I’ve found it a delight to drive or ride in and very functional. Lots of head and leg room, decent cargo space, a split rear seat that’s easy to convert. Not as big, but much easier to deal with than the Honda Element.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I have to confess–I don’t like the Prius so much. The rear visibility is not so good…

    I like the Civic (I don’t know that it is a hybrid).

    I liked the Element ok–except that I don’t think the seat raises up at all. So, parallel parking was just not an option for me at my height.

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